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The Inventor's Story

My name is Joe Scibetta and I am the CEO of Bankers and Brokers, after High School I proudly served in the United States Marine Corps.  I attended College and worked in a supermarket.  I worked my way up to be a Corporate Supervisor.  With this knowledge I decided to go into my own business.  Thankfully and successfully, with the help of God, Family and Friends, I owned and operated seven different businesses.  At one time I had four at the same time.

I invented Bankers and Brokers Tower Game after I was asked to speak before a group of young men and women who had the vision and desire to be entrepreneurs.  The majority of them were students ready to graduate High School.  During the speech I asked how many of them worked, a few raised their hands.  Then I asked how many of them received an allowance, they all raised their hands.  Then I asked how many of them had money left at the end of the week and no one raised their hand.  So I knew then that Money Management would be their first lesson in business.  Learning to Manage Money is the number one thing in running a business, budgeting a household or just ordinary living.  Bankers and Brokers Tower Game is a valuable tool allowing you to have fun and learn business tactics.  The object of the game is to retire with the most money.  It also shows you that if you play your cards right and plan your money correctly you can have a good job and a happy life.  This is a game of skill and a little luck.

The game Bankers and Brokers Casino Board Game is another fun game I invented.  It also helps you with money management.  The object of the game is to beat the Banker.  The player is the Broker and you try to beat the Banker by picking the right card.  High card wins.  In addition to being fun, this game could be used to teach mathematics and learn the numbers and money.  This is a game of little skill, but it needs a lot of luck.

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